Trump said what they wanted to say but they could not

متن فرانسه مقاله منتشر شده در مجله تلوس

Donald Trump, one of the GOP candidates for the upcoming presidential elections in the United Stated of America has received much attention due to his statements and his lead in the polls. Things have arrived to a point where not only Trump’s opponent candidates but also his republican fellows are fed up with him. From intellectuals to the Sheikhs of the Persian Gulf states, everybody is complaining

Trump is not the representative figure of the fascist interpretations in today’s politics but the clear expression of them. In this respect he is worthy to be praised. He puts aside the political figures’ both verbal and corporal perpetual secrecies and pretenses and reveals and utters what indeed comes to his and the common politics’ mind. While from France to Germany, on the plea of the foolishness of its currently most important jobbers’ –Muslim terrorists–, the West is contemplating othering policies and restrictive laws in the form of various programs and procedures, Trump removes the distance between action and the expression of The dominant –a product of modern politics– and evokes Kings in the medieval era: where the king would publicly issue the decapitation decree

Politics in the modern era, beside all of its characteristics, has a substantial feature which is doubtless a product of the modern government’s dependence on public votes: Hypocrisy. The more a government depends on the votes of its people, the more it needs to keep them satisfied. The opinion of people had no weight for the classic king. He was the king because he had to be. No doubt democratic government is one of the most precious achievements of human. But the need to attract the citizen’s opinion, attributes a characteristic to the governments which Nietzsche in section 203 of “Beyond Good and Evil “defines as the democratic state’s mediocrity and depreciation. Thick curtains of duplicity and secrecy are installed everywhere to hide brutal characteristics of the state and the dominant. The state is tried to be justified at all events, even while approving and executing the most homeliness laws and instructions. In democracy, the guarantee for success is to have everything demonstrated right and correct in its totality. In other words, and as constructivists say, the change from the governance based on force to the governance class relying on hegemonic creation systems is an exposition of this customary and usual deceptive procedures. Trump is a particular instant of revealing this dichotomy and deception. Yet this time, neither someone from the highfalutin front of intellectuals with a fine philosophic and critical language nor a hero or a broke guerilla, but one of the same ruling class members, one who belongs to the same wealthiest one percent of the world population is showing us the image of this deception

Probably one of the most important reasons for this precision and honesty goes back to Trump’s career and professional origins. He is a billionaire capitalist. He has been able to bring monetary traits into politics in a process of continuous work with money for years and deep understanding of the logic of the free market and capital. Nowadays, politics and economics, although interlaced, each presents features specific to it. While one of the most significant characteristics of the modern politics, as mentioned above, is the systematic deception of the dominant and the breaking down of the subject into discrete components which have to fulfill their duty of realizing the abstract collective felicity in the society, one of the most important characteristics of money, as suggested by Georg Simmel in his “The Philosophy of Money”, is the aggregation of pieces, ignoring identities and borders, as well as the pursuit of a concrete individual happiness, in fact, disregarding any abstract common collectivity for the benefit of a new abstraction: money. Money unlike abstract concepts before itself such as God or “common good”, practically reflects the fluid nature of the society in which no object comes to stability and identity and these objects are always floating in a fluid flow. It is for this reason that money and its main actors namely shareholders and the wealthy, through powerful processes, wend the path of progress and benefit, stoutly and with disregard for collective and consensus. One of the most important codes for the success in the free market economy is to go against the flow; individualism. Exactly contrary to the usual field of politics. Money is the component occurring out of the totality, giving it it’s meaning; it would not be able to play the same role if it was part of the whole. Trump as one of the closest contemporary men to the abstract life of money, is willing to bring the logic found in financial profitability –getting out of market’s customary exchanges at the right time and supplying the product in the most precise and explicit manner possible– to a politics full of socialist and neoliberal identity creator jargons. He is loyal to the abstractness of the money: breaking down identities and borders.  At the same time and due to his wealth, he does not need any financial sponsor. In other words, he is not the representative and voice of any of the conventional political groups except representative of the logic of money; agent of the un-structurable but structure builder logic of money

In fact, what Trump says does not emerge from his stupor. It is the reality found in today’s politics being expressed by a capitalist willing to attract customers. He says what a majority of politicians – such as Hillary Clinton- want to but can’t say. And when we look at his popularity, his intelligence is understood.  An intelligence which is the product of making a slit on a curtain which is covering a hidden reality

In a politics governed by the logic of the market, Trump is to be praised. He knows his target market and understands what it needs: he knows and respects his audiences’ search for simplicity. Trump has the simplest solutions to some of the most complex issues and challenges faced by modern conservative citizens: customers looking for the the fastest and the easiest solution, not necessarily the correct one. His solutions and policy suggestions are straight-ahead and easily comprehensible: building a wall to stop illegal immigration, banning “all” Muslims from entering the country, supporting citizens’ gun ownership to stop mass shootings.  A considerable part of the American society is busy surviving in a huge machine run by Trump like capitalists. They are ordinary people: hard working, raising their children, going to the church and having fun watching their favorite games or movies. A lot of them barely get out of their states, even less out of the country. Perhaps a lot of these people have not encountered even a single Muslim, but they are afraid. They are afraid of all that they have not seen and all that they do not know. These ordinary people are even afraid of a guy who is promoting their right to have access to free education and healthcare: Bernie Sanders. For that part of the American society, Donald Trump’s solutions are practical and sufficiently convincing

Various changes in the international order since the end of cold war till today, and numerous economic and political challenges, have not solely created monsters like ISIS and al-Qaeda in the east. In the developed side of the world, various capitalism-related crisis has created attitudes in the western societies which are today expressing themselves through mediation of some politicians such as Trump. The apparently dead monster of the Second World War Europe, has not only revived but also penetrated the Allied Front


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